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The higher it gets
the colder it gets
the easier it gets to be cold too
the easier it gets to climb
the mountain peak is not enough
it has to be the clouds
it has to be the stars
until the blue and green and brown
you’ve always been intimate with
are little dots that only add up
to the world to be dominated
one compromise after another
the high-altitude pressure
telling you to forget
how to breathe
forget the smell of roses

rewarding you
for every time you hurt people
rewarding you
every time you use somebody’s
weakness against him
rewarding you
every time you manipulate
and exploit somebody’s needs
for profit
as an ingredient to the creation
of a bright, new plastic world
where you’re only as important
as the money you can bring
and “I’m proud of you”
is a euphemism
for “don’t forget I own you”
because you can effectively
promise your future
with four specimen signatures
more binding than marriage

punishing you
for every time you trust somebody
punishing you
for every time your belief in good
makes its way to the surface
of the ocean of suspiciousness
requisite for survival
necessary for victory

and you do it right
you do it right
another day and another until
you can no longer do things wrong

and they tell you
they’re so fucking proud of you
so go raise your dirty little soul
to astral planes and celebrate

and you laugh at me
when I tell you
I’m running out of time?

“Emma Watson for Vogue Italia, September 2008”
by photographer Mark Seliger