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He has manliness for a robe
and righteousness for wings
his will strong as Gospel
a messenger
he is a walking message
a protector
a victor
he needs no scimitar
at his belt when
his own journey
defends its purpose

under his feet,
a story
behind his eyes,
a day and a night
within his flesh,
an effervescent light

and I’m thinking
I love him for
all the right reasons

he is
my walk in the clouds
my bus bus ride
through a periwinkle sky
the bikers’ lane by
my strawberry fields
of perception
the raft crossing
the spirit’s paradox
of my lotus pond

and if all roads really
lead to Rome
—or Jerusalem,
or Mecca,
for that matter—
they only bring you
to the gates

and this love stands
for what comes after

“Motorcycle Diaries II” by photographer Jeff Bauche