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Did they tell you
I stood in front of men
who wore their ranks
on studs on their shoulders
did they tell you
they carried their names
on white cards with logos
that made people tremble
did they tell you
they owned almost everything
did they tell you
I spoke to them
with the weight of tens
of thousands of dollars
on my shoulders
in a boardroom that housed
the world’s most
complicated problems
with windows that overlooked
the world’s most
expensive vanities

did they tell you
I did it right,
that they clapped heartily
and wrote letters
to their superiors
about me

did they tell you
I was beautiful then
that I appeared to them
wearing my talents
like heirloom diamonds
around my slender throat
and the wisdom of all
the years that
led me to that moment
a marble pedestal
under my mighty feet
did they tell you
that I navigated
their collective thinking
like my old hometown
and commanded it,
exploited it with ease
with my killer’s instincts and
my dexterous rogue’s mind

did they tell you
how, afterward,
when the signatures
were in place
the silence was something
that neither they could
break from the outside
nor I, from the inside
and I wanted to run to you

did they tell you
that the clouds
between my knees
felt cold and I was in need
to be taken care of by you

did they tell you
I knew
they weren’t fooling me
and something was
infinitely better than this
did they they tell you
I’m still saving the very
best of me for it

did they tell you
it’s evident
I’m just counting the days
until I can hold you

Fashion Photography by Andrey Yakovlev