The Soul’s Cul-de-Sac

Here I am, God
Here it is
I’m putting it all
on the line
for the last time
they can say what
they will but
You and I, God
we know the truth
we know if I
fall apart now
I won’t get up
You and I know
which bridges of faith
are broken
which roads to You
are blocked forever
which lines to Heaven
no longer exist
You and I named
this dead end street
I will not fail
by Your will
but success
is not guaranteed
and what You’ve taught
cannot be un-taught
cannot be un-learned
there is only this,
now, the visible
end of the road,
the yawning gorge
and the jade stars
of eternity

8 thoughts on “The Soul’s Cul-de-Sac

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed Iris’ work, sis 🙂 She has such a beautiful way and craft with words ♥

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