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He said he wanted
a new sky
to hang his sun
said his constellations
were tired
of the same night
said his moon
did not embrace the dark
as tightly as it used to
said the years had been
repeating the same things
in his head

he wanted a change
wanted to live again
wanted to wake up and
from the first moment
know that it wasn’t
yesterday anymore
wanted to leave
something behind
wanted to look forward
to reality again
wanted to want something
sincerely again, so

I asked him to come to me
promised him I can change
the color of his dreams
told him my world is
as soft as he wants to
remember it could be

maybe while he’s in my arms
he can borrow my eyes
for a while and see
what different means
maybe while he’s sleeping
cushioned and blanketed
in my warm love
all of this
will turn inside out
sleep can shut out the old
Shangri-La tales can be
the ground we walk on
and I can be his home

“Newport Beach Engagement – Julie and Vince” by photographer Caroline Tran