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We were made for this beauty
this level of sharing that
talks patiently to solitude
to make it comprehend why
it has to evolve into
something different.
We were born for this soul
self-aware and
humbly reverent of mystery.
We were built
around the stillness
of the eye of the storm
at the core of the surfeit
of understanding,
of acceptance,

we were told to forget
in order to remember
that it’s always within reach,
that bliss that can
neither be revoked
nor taken apart into
little shameful compromises,
we have to take it
in its wanton entirety
we were ourselves created
full enough for it.

Reach out with the wisdom
of corporeal instinct
into love’s
proverbial blindness
and feel how complete I am.
Your touch will tell you
how ready I am to receive you
how ripe the time is
for us to come together
and feel history beating
its drums in solemn ceremony.
Help that darkness
by trusting it,
trust your heart
because we were destined
for all that it promises.
Hold back your shivering
at the leering face
of the unknown
and hold me,
hold me close to you,
because we were meant for this,
everything good that we can
dare to believe in,
all that we cannot see…

“Невероятная история любви двух фотографов” by photographer Aaron Nace


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