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I need to be with you tonight
I want to press against you
with the full weight of my love,
and perform with you
intimate acts

so physical they mimic the spiritual
so spiritual they spill over to the physical

something we’ve never had
beyond what we can categorically label,
“the best we’ve ever had”
because it defies categories altogether

the embodiment of
listlessly intermingling concepts
that had for flesh
a mere transparent void
until we gave them the stuff
they ought to be made of

the dictionary definition of pleasure
before it ever crossed paths with
such other words as
sweet or deep or hot or strong,
something pure and
something whose own self
is its only required adjective.

Lie upon me and let me show you
what you left unexplored
and what we should do to get it right.
We’ll school the world what a million years
of arrogant, hit-and-miss trying
cannot do in the place of
a truly blessed felicitous passion.

We’ll make it as new as fresh sheets.
We’ll achieve it early
like the elongated shadows of dawn.

“Guitar Calling” by photographer Orestis Charalambous


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