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You and I may turn out to not be perfect for each other forever, but you
and I may still be perfect to be together at this moment. Between us we
may populate this transitory city of time with the right kind of life,
leave fingerprints on the wet mold of that which must eventually harden
into permanence, in order to someday be able to revisit our hearts’
collaborative handiwork and say nothing has been wasted. We did what
we could. We did what must be done, a summer’s bluff on which a
future hangs, looming and inescapable, and make of this still basin of
understanding its own undulating sea with a spate of raindrops that only
requires time to remember to fall. So let’s do it. Take what could be the
greatest risk we’ve been given the honor to take. I am young enough to
look past the danger, and you are old enough to see through it.

untitled photo from the image bookmarking site, WeHeartIt