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is that it’s not easy,
one of the most difficult
things in the world
and that it’s not easy
making it look this easy

is that I have to face
the world with the same face
I’ve always shown it
with all the smiles and
cleverness and that
“don’t worry, I got it”

is that every moment
I ever get to keep for myself
is now spent in the tears
I shed just to find a way
to spend all the love
that otherwise
has nowhere to go
and might choke
all the life out of me

is that I’m terrified too
in a way that you almost
won’t believe

is that I’ll bear it all
and act brave if
that’s what it takes

is that no matter how I try
to prevent it, everything
I have going on is now
on hold indefinitely until
you learn to love me

untitled photo from the image bookmarking site, VisualizeUs