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I want to know you
like I know this city:
mindfully, without assumptions,
the opposite of dark.
I want to traverse your
heart’s streets
with graceful feet,
holding on to the railings
with delicate need,
with a pace that sometimes
flows along with the crowd
of your thoughts,
sometimes going against it,
sometimes intersecting it
at an angle,
but always exploring with
my heart ready to receive.
I want to be equal to
the technology of your
means to cope
with rough weather.
I want to be there
to behold the way the
reflectorized high-rises
of your artistically
licensed soul
faithfully reproduce the
magnificent sky and its
airplanes bound for
a purpose. I want to
work there nine to five,
with lots of overtimes and
staying the nights when
something comes up, so that
you never have to be alone
in the city of your life again.

I’d like to be lost in you
the way I lose myself
in this city: unafraid,
without minding time,
parallel to discovery.
I’d like to wander aimlessly
the network of your dreams
to appear and reappear in the
subway trains that carry
your fears and the things
you are most proud of
about yourself
back and forth at rush hour
uptown and downtown
and find you at the most
random of places:
sitting on a bench at an
old and out-of-the-way park with
a monument of your favorite hero,
or watching the glowing red
digits on a glass elevator, or
grabbing a bite at
one of those jam-packed
intercontinental restaurants.
I’d recognize you every time
from that tint of truth
in your eyes.

And we will let the chaos
swallow us and cover us
from all directions.
We won’t mind
being the central atom
that the millions
take for granted
because our love
shall be the faint
glow of homesickness
that visits them at night.

“200.365 – City Love” by photographer Josh Liba


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