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See I have a weakness for pretty places, the way some other girls
are addicted to nail polish, or eyeliner. I always told my friends I
avoid sickness and disease not with vitamin pills, but with
giddiness. I feel myself reborn on the act of getting off the bus on
the corner of EDSA and Arnaiz Avenue, making my way to
Greenbelt for some breakfast and good coffee, and every day the
beauty is so breathtaking it never fails to bring tears to my eyes
and make me believe that something wonderful is in store for me
today. I stay spiritually healthy that way.
today. I stay spiritually healthy that way.Maybe it’s kinda hard for
you to understand how I bond with the streetscape where I stand
and stay in touch with myself; so in tune with all that surrounds me
that I always find myself at the right place at the right time, right
within destiny’s reach. Whatever its plans are for me will be sure to
find me.
find me. And the view from the fifteenth floor speaks to me audibly
and sometimes when it rains there’s zero visibility from the office
and it’s still all good, to be lost in the clutches of the
elements where
someday, I shall return. And if they ever deem me worthy they’ll
bring me back as a feather or a breeze and I will recognize the
rearrangement of the dismantled wonders of the world I loved so
much, so much that when I was young I used to fear that this
devoted attachment to life and all that it offered meant that I was
going to hell on Judgement Day, but now I don’t think so anymore.
Because I see God suffusing this
contemporary polychromatic
jungle with primal power and I think He meant for us to witness it,
to be open for it, to be permeable in mind to absorb, hold for a
while and inevitably let flow through every possible experience. I’m
on a front row seat in an
on a front row seat in an epic, cinematic, open-ended story with
awesomeness to rival any movie, a titanic painting upon the clouds
zoomed into with the lens of an SLR set in Impressionist light.
zoomed into with the lens of an SLR set in Impressionist light. I no
longer lament that at (almost) 27 I’ve never seen Paris or Bali or New
York or Kyoto or Rome or San
Francisco because I have enough
splendidness around me to meanwhile keep my heart busy and I am
not going to wait until I am rich or famous or well-traveled to learn
how to swing around a rain-slick lamp post and throw my arms
around a tree and lay my head upon the lap of contentment.
I know the world is my accommodating oyster and I its priceless
And all in God’s time it will be all mine to hold in my hand.

untitled photo from the image bookmarking site, WeHeartIt