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I’ve been wondering
if it’s possible
if maybe you won’t mind

Could you be my habit
the kind of
not-so-urgent need
I refuse to live without
the kind of softness
I would make time for
the kind of beauty
that takes time to build
maybe a poem a day
a summer a night
jazz weekends
butterflies every moon phase

and we can un-learn
mechanical kissing,
and learn
to love again from the soul
make touch a conduit
to an inner understanding
and forgiveness of the world

and we can take walks
under oceans
of the deepest blues
and dine under flames
of muted mauves
you can press yourself on me
against walls of
resplendent purples, or
lay me down naked on
a luminous green

then we can close our eyes
and mock the darkness
with laughter

run your fingers
through the silky strands
of my fantasies
put your hands on
my cerebral song

my heart humming next to yours
let it be everything,

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from the image bookmarking site, Pinterest


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