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I didn’t mean to make you love me
against your better judgement.

I have no goddess delusions
of aesthetic attributes,
nor any grand notions
about my skills at seduction.

I just love you.

The only reason why I didn’t leave you alone
was because I couldn’t help it.

The only reason why
I always showed you
the best version of me
…..the most beautiful,
…..the most intelligent,
…..the most womanly,
…..the most sincere,
was because you bring out the best in me
and around you I know no other way to be.
The only reason why
you could feel weak at my touch
is because I grow in strength at yours.

For sure you would be better off
without loving me.
I am just a troublesome complication
in your otherwise steadfast direction.
I didn’t mean to put ideas in your head
…..redefining meaning,
…..rewriting rhyme and reason
and I only say it’s worth it
because I have nothing to lose,
but you do.
So don’t believe me.

I didn’t mean to make you believe me.

Just because I love you
in a love
so vast
…..my soul is bursting at the seams
…..trying to contain its indigo songs;
so pure
…..that artists wet their brushes
…..with the hues of its dreams;
so deep
…..that philosophers probe
…..its constellations with a microscope;
so ardent
…..that other lovers come to warm themselves
…..at the fire of my confessions;
doesn’t mean you have to love me back.

I didn’t mean to make you love me back.
But I wanted to.

untitled photo from the image bookmarking site, WeHeartIt