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The light coming through the blinds
thick with accusations
suffocated me
so I ran out
locking the doors tight
like being chased
like they would eventually
break down the walls
and I was merely buying time
with the steel fastenings
that wouldn’t hold
the disaster in

but it wasn’t in 303 Windsor Tower
303 Windsor Tower was innocent
and the Devil was
a gaseous poison
behind my eyes

I stood in the corner
of Salcedo and VA Rufino
flailed my arm for a taxi
and told the man to bring me
to the nearest church

he deposited me somewhere
on Evangelista Street
where I stormed the chapel
and sawed off a link from the chain
bolted onto
my lacquered surface of grace
the chandelier crashing
in a random rainfall
of crystal and light
and inconsolable tears
on the polished marble floor

I broke into shards
each of whose edges
was fatally sharp
and I lay down my essence
onto the mélange

and asked God
if I can’t be with him
take this love
out of my heart