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He is my mental lover
sitting across from me on the table
the perfect gentleman

stimulating my mind
with his talks of
politics and society
abstract thoughts
about human nature
tickling my senses with
his command of
movies and music
arts and children
trees and the full moon
making me crave and swoon
over his conversation
about passion

he does not even touch me
except perhaps
for the occasional
gallant gesture
making me feel like
I’m a prize for princes

while he undresses me with his eyes
penetrating me with his gaze
impaling me through the heart
his voice and laughter
much like
gentle caresses
my pores are almost
ready to ooze out honey
and brilliance

he twirls me around
in a dance of thoughts
and makes me dizzy
just sitting here wondering
what he’s really thinking
he picks up my heart
like plucking a delicate orchid
opening my petals
one by one
as I reveal myself to his
tactfully probing
like he really wants to know me

and his sincere and precise
always perfectly timed
make me feel like
he is slowly entering my soul

hitting that spot
making me quiver
and blush
in anticipation

this man is a pro
on mind sex
man, does he work it
and does he work me
until I am sweaty and wet
and ready and willing
for the next step



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