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[I finally got my ex-boyfriend Raymond Obiekwe to give me copies of the lyrics of the reggae songs we co-wrote together. Here they are.]

Saw a middle aged man on Taft Avenue
Weathered lines on his face with each breath he drew
Taking anguished steps in angry silence
Barely having escaped the street of violence
Eyes that saw struggle blink in the sun
Three hundred pesos clutched in his hands
Has to tell his family they’re out of luck
His fruit stand torn down by your demolition truck

Just an honest man trying to make living
But officer with the badge can be so unforgiving

Still hear the crunch of metal on cheap wood
As you with the guns shut down business for good
Now that you have taken the only thing that he’s done
Eliminating the means because you got a gun
Not caring for the life that you just abused
You call it law yet call in nothing but bad news

Why don’t you rain makers of the brutal storm
Unfeeling puppets clad in uniform
Put his kids in your casualty report
Cos you just killed their only life support
Don’t tell me you’re just following orders
Out in the street they call it murder
They sign the papers and spoke the command
But the blood of your brother is still in your hands

(circa 2007)

image source (photographer unknown)


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