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[I finally got my ex-boyfriend Raymond Obiekwe to give me copies of the lyrics of the reggae songs we co-wrote together. Here they are.]

Let’s have more than just a mediocre story
Not to be overwhelmed by fables of heroic glory
They write a book of lies and mock us in the preface
What good is makeshift peace if the system rots under the surface?
Bound and gagged in unrest, they bleed us dry till we are dead
But true peace only starts when the hungry are fed

Do we spit in the faces of heroes who died trying to set us free?
Those in power have taken us for fools but are we? Really?
Isn’t it time to start wondering what if we desisted?
Silence can’t save us all, what’s to lose if we resisted?

Everyone is looking for a way to get by
And when we look up we see nothing but the open sky
Why can’t we all get involved in something bigger?
Why are we too scared to stand up, speak up when someone pulls the trigger?
It is overdue, we have suffered in silence for too long
Isn’t it time to prove to what race of people we really belong?
We were born free
We deserve to be free

The ghetto note say
Look at the people we put in power
And how we suffer on this hour
We know the real real criminals
We know the real real animals
No more lies, pain and games

(circa 2007)

image source (photographer unknown)


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