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hearing the intro chords
of a brand-new song
you’ve never heard before
and you’re too comfortable
sitting on the fluffy couch
nibbling a choco-chip cookie
or too busy wrapping up
a calculus problem
with the radio just inches
beyond your reach
so you don’t switch stations
in favor of a more familiar melody
and let the unknown piece
run its course
before you know it
you’re singing along
and the words get stuck in your head
it speaks to you
and the next time
you’re turning the dial
and catch those same chords on the air
you tune in and listen to it again
and again

you download it into your iPod
it becomes
an integral part of you
and you can no longer imagine
your world without it

It’s like that.
She uses subtle but time-tested devices
to guide us and bring us
where she wants us.
But just once. Then
she puts her faith on our inner nature
to make us keep coming back
to the same place
without her help
and her work is complete,
and ours has begun.

Sing with me.
I know you know the words:
this is our story,
our song.