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I shall sit in your heart
quiet and unobtrusive
and wait patiently.
I shall stand my ground
without a trace of defiance,
only a calm composure
and a smiling awareness
of what’s meant to be.
I shall sit in your heart
and let you go about your business
all the words you have to say
all the lives you have to touch
knowing that you know
I am here,
sitting in your heart.

And you don’t even have to speak
to reassure me
because I know
the language of your movements
I can read the beating of your heart
as I sit in it

because I know everybody can tell
I’m not going anywhere
I met a man the other day
who reads people’s auras
and he spoke your name first
and told me
what a deep connection I had
with a man named Terry

only my smile gave me away

Your heart is comfortable to sit in.
and full of unspoken love
full of rhymes and metaphors
you have yet to write
I shall coax them
out of you

I shall sit in your heart
as long as it takes
the full strength of your arms
and the fire in your body
are ready for me.

I’ll know when.
Your heart will tell me.