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Please come closer
pull your chair up
next to mine
so you can smell my perfume

morning spills through the windows
as fine and precise as a violin solo
and the air is flavored
by your presence
let me be
in the center of it, please
come closer

I’m like a child discovering
the world for the first time
all these colors feel like
they were invented just yesterday
patent pending
and somebody pirated them
and uploaded them on YouTube

the shapes on the sidewalk
just give me a moment to figure it out
I’ve spent years studying
tilings and crystallography
but everything about you
is a mystery

let me be the one to
get my hands dirty
on the equation
of your identity
I’ll put the x’s on one side
and the constants on the other
and add everything up

just step a little closer to me
and I’ll show you how it’s done

dazzle me
smile for me
permeate me with your attention
and the rich smell of
the bitterest coffee
I’m watching your hands
in the corner of my eye
and your wristwatch catches
the glare of the sun
and I’m almost hopelessly blinded
by the desire to grab you

you are just
a slight bit of movement away
I speak one word and you turn
towards me
so I move
ever so slowly
careful not to make a sound
for fear of disturbing you
in your intoxicating effortless
graceful masculinity
Stop doing this to me!
my heart is about to explode
into butterflies
and I want you closer

Taylor Hill for Vogue Paris, August 2016
by photographer David Sims


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