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Here’s the thing
I’m not really in a hurry
and I can wait as long as it takes, but
I can think of nothing better
to do with my time
than spend it with you

and I’m a busy woman
in demand
so many things to do so little time
you know how it goes
but what good would it be
to be successful but alone
I’d rather be happy
and the thought of
being with you
is starting to grow on me

I’m strong and fearless
I don’t need a man to take care of me
I make things happen
and I can handle anything,
I mean it
but come on,
it would be nice to have someone
to come home to
someone to know
and someone to know me
watch movies with
take long walks with
look at the sky with
read books with

have breakfast with

you and I
have done that
four times
wasn’t it nice?

I didn’t even know
what had been missing
I wasn’t even aware
mornings could be so sweet
until that first time
and second
and third
and fourth
and I’m like, whoa!
I don’t want to go
without it anymore.