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I’m a romantic
borderline hopeless
although I no longer show it
I still slip from time to time

don’t tell anyone
but my greatest weakness is
love at first sight
I’d like to believe in it
meeting a complete stranger
and there’s just…magic

something about the thought
of the universe conspiring
just beguiles me
it makes me feel
it’s refreshing
random specks of cosmic dust
flashing against each other
for one serendipitous moment
are just the loveliest thing

see if we listen
closely enough
we might hear it
the music that plays
dictating our rhythm
bringing us where
we should be
to accomplish a miracle
I’ve watched life’s
staccato dance steps
not missing a beat

it’s come as close to perfection
as ever, when

picture me:
one odd day
being seized by the desire to flee
made my way to a place I’ve never been
where no one knows me
and I could be free
to cry the tears
of a million days’ heartbreak

and then, as if on cue,
picture you:
walking in

what put me directly on your path,
brought you simultaneously to me
you may not believe it
but I think it was meant to be



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