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I’ve picked this place to fall in love with
because my love affair with it
is the continuation
of my love affair with you
and my guilt-ridden clandestine trips to it
are all a rendezvous with you, sort of
and getting to know it intimately
has so many parallelisms with
making love to you

just thinking you might be in town
just the fact that I have no way of knowing for sure
you could be in this city today
makes my spine tingle
and the words just

and I have never been the one
to stay in one place
my heart is too free
if I have to walk on my bare feet
to leave myself behind
I would
but here, let me confess this secret:
what lets me sit still and write
in this place for hours
is the promise of the remote possibility
that at any moment at all
you might walk in through the door

tell me you remember
this is where we first met
you are the original memory
that made this place so dear to me
and made this the home of my muse
sanctuary of my
nomadically territorial writer’s soul

where are you now,
gunnery sergeant of my inner turmoils
elite soldier of my battle with jadedness
Okinawa? Hawaii? Seoul?
or are you here,
in this breathtaking city
your eyes and arms have bequeathed to me
whose beauty makes me cry in the mornings?
I live here now, I’ve been wanting to tell you
and the streets all whisper of you
and every moment it always feels like
I just missed you by a block
I don’t know if my senses are capable
of lying to me, but
they tell me we were breathing
the same air last night

God, I miss you

Image by photographer Zahava on Instagram