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We are sea, we are sky
we are red butterfly
hovering about
the weeping sakura trees
along a Hakone river
as a geisha struggles
with an emotion
and gives up the fight
for one eternal split-second
when she flicks her eyes
at the man
she’s trying to charm
has charmed her first

We are high noon
we are raindrops
we are shiny sixpence
thrown into a Roman fountain
by a brunette
trying to compress
all her heart’s longings
into a single wish
and the best thing
she could come up with
was to close her eyes
and utter his name

I look for you
in everything
every cloud formation
every love song
asking God
there must be at least
ordinary, everyday thing
that reminds you of me
because I’ve never been to Hakone
nor set foot on Rome
I’ve never seen cherry blossoms
nor held a British coin
but I am every woman
who ever loved
and you to me
are every man
ever been loved.


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