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Fall in love with me this summer.
Let me into your heart
and we can waltz around
the fresh greens and sparkling blues
and fiery reds and dazzling oranges
of God’s creation
as if it’s the first summer
we’ve ever seen in our lives.

Let’s make an appointment
to romance each other
this summer
let’s not worry about
the rest of the year
for a while
I’ll take out half my life’s savings
and book a flight
for the express purpose
of being close enough to touch you
and then some

Let’s mark our calendars
and block
one weekend through the next
and make detailed plans
to be young again
I’ll wear only my sexiest
Zaras and Baby Phats
and you can be the gentleman
that opens doors for me
and holds my hand
when the mosaic pavement gets too uneven
for my Manalo Blahniks

Don’t forget to include
doing the ocean thing
in our agenda
throw in some sweet music
and dancing, too
of course

Let’s look into each other’s eyes
across a candlelit dinner table
this summer
and flirt with each other
and I promise to hold
all my passion back
until the moment
of our very first kiss

Let’s be good to ourselves
this summer
by being good to each other
let’s try new things
and revisit old pleasures
and fill us with all
that we’ve been missing
we don’t have to overdo it
just enough to vaguely remember
why they invented forever