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Let me not cling to you
the way I used to have
the tendency to do
but instead let me stand back
and behold you in your element
like one would dangle one’s feet
from the breakwater
to savor each breathless ticking second
of a sunset
Let me respect the distance
that made my fantasies of you
so wonderful
and be tantalized by my awe of you
without being in a hurry
to own any part of you
the way one would not
pluck a pineapple from its throne
before it’s done preening
its Fibonacci eyes
Let my intense anticipation
of boundless ecstasy
not consume the concept
of belonging to you
too soon
that I might be entitled
to every quiver
of my own body
as your fingertips
come in contact
with my skin
and every fleeting moment
of black inertia
that comes with every
blink of my eyes
marking the passage of time
as I bask in the presence
that isn’t yet
but could in all probability be.