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I love you, I love you, I love you
I’m choking on the words
I’m strangling myself with them
as I ride the train

I love you, I love you, I love you
I’m biting my lip
shifting my eyes
in panic
as I try not to look at
anything so beautiful
as to induce me to think of you

but the cobalt blue sky is not cooperating
neither are the palm trees
nor the glass and metal hives
invigilating the Ortigas Business District
they drip honey-rich elegance
and explode in shrapnels of stark majesty
sixty times a minute
and they know your name

they mock me and these words
I keep to myself
lest my heart,
sixteen years old for the last ten years,
ruins me my one chance
of convincing you I can be
without your realizing
I was the one
who put the idea on your mind

I can’t be at peace
until I’ve told you

I love you
(do you know?)

I love you
(can’t you tell?)

I love you
(I’m sorry if it’s too soon.)

I love you
Say the words back.)