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You and I are so much alike
but I need your force
to make that imperative crossover
to irreverence
and you could use my softness
to bring you back
to the little boy soul
with little boy feet
that can’t climb that stage

I love the way
you lead the way
only a man of words
can understand
good seduction
doesn’t have to say that much
and the way you cut
your lines like verses
and the things you leave unsaid
you, who were born with rhythm
you, who can rhyme at will
you are the man
you turn my pages
and the tempo increases
you bend me back
and I arch against your skilled hands
my feet know the steps
but we are breaking the rules here
the Vatican
will have to ban this dance
a second time

you speak to my body
you speak to my heart
you speak to the fractal corner of my soul
who thinks words
make up the world

you make me weak in the knees
when two poets dance the tango
you could practically
slice through the passion
with a knife

Can I be your muse tonight?