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You are really cramping my style.
You are studying to be a pastor
you left the comfort of hearth and home
because God called on you
(I call that character)
while I, well, I am I.
I violate hallowed corridors
and desecrate Temples
on a daily basis
it’s still an open question
what it was about you that caught my attention
but it wouldn’t really be that hard
to conquer you
if that’s what I want to do
crack the code of who you are
wide open enough to decide
if I want you
or you’re just another one of them
who aren’t worth my time.
Part of me hopes I’m wrong,
opposites don’t attract
(only magnets do that),
and I don’t see how it could work
while another part of me is on its knees
praying, Lord, please let me be right.
Part of me wants to get it over with
because I’ve been circling the flame too long
impatience has already scorched my wings to dust
while another part of me won’t,
the part that wants to,
do everything right.

If I let it,
the me in me
would make the you in you
think you must be dealing with some lost soul
and it would be unfair
because since I met you
I’ve been carrying around this wonderful sense
of having been found.