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It was a full moon night
when I saw you for the second time
and it was surprising
the magnitude at which
I felt the need
to expose myself to you
neither do I understand
where came from
the desire
to take a peek into
the sphere you belong to

      it came as a rush:
      I want us to be
      familiar with each other!

something told me
we would have fun
dissecting each other’s realities
into little eternities
we can revel in
on our best moments
we have each a wall
that might be worth jumping
to see the old other side
but with new eyes

there might have been
a whole boulevard’s walk
worth of stories
and two cups of latte
over which
we can take turns
braiding one life’s
length of questions
into the strands
of another life’s
accumulated answers


the years turned
and you had to go
and walk away from this
boundary between states
we’ve been standing on
flanked by fireworks

it won’t be any
soft tumble of awakening

the chase begins