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Yes, I want you to love me
even if I no longer write about it
Yes. I wish with all my heart
you’d walk back into my life
even if everything I do or say
seems to tell the world
you’re no longer my world
and I’ve moved on
to my next destructive obsession.
Yes. I haven’t forgotten
that you were the only man
who ever pursued me
and I would pay any price
to have you be the hunter
and myself, the hunted
one more time.
Yes, a thousand times yes
I’m all yours,
take me
I’ve never stopped waiting
even as I was pushing you away
to save myself from myself
and you from the insufferable annoyance
that is also myself.

I will have the prize
most coveted
after stalking it for centuries
and you will finally get back
the virginity you lost
in your previous lifetime
we can say yes to each other
as many times as it takes

just hang on
I’m waiting for this other man
to say his final