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You have the life with him
the house in the city
the kids that have
your face and his
the ring around your finger
the last name
while I
have his heart.
Would either of us care to switch?

the romantic in me
would not concede this
but I’ll say it:
you still have it
than I:
you have to forgo
all other loves
to hold on to that life
while I
can carry his love around
while building
a different life
perhaps not as happy
but just as rich and full
as I would have had
if I had him by my side

neither you nor I
am whole
but any moment of my choosing
I can claim both halves of him
if I want to
and you’ll be left
with nothing

but I won’t
if there were just
you and me
it would be
a different story
but stripping
two innocent angels
of their faith
so young
can’t be on my conscience

you and I can only pray
Kaitlyn and Kurston
end up
with much better lots in life
than the cards
the two of us