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In the beginning was a complete picture
a perfect masterpiece with no missing elements
then it was cut up
into the near-identical shapes of jigsaw puzzle pieces
then released into the world
to fend for themselves
and figure out where they fit

we all of us are equipped with more than five senses
to put things back in their impeccable order
sometimes two parts look like they go together
but the edges don’t conjoin so seamlessly
sometimes two ends feel like a match
but the features printed on the faces don’t agree

we pick slivers of the whole randomly from a heap
some we let go of, others we keep

* * *

If you’ve tried everything
to let go
to the point of hurting yourself
and those around you
and still nothing works
then it’s time to run the other way
put your life on the line
and fight with all you’ve got
for what obviously
belongs with you
and no other