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Do you realize
that on the day
you and I
are finally face to face
it will only take an instant
for all the years
to burst into flames
for all the words we’ve ever spoken
to stab themselves to death
for all the dreams we clutched at
and all the prayers we fed with tears
night after night
and all the visions our eyes
have not been spared to see
to fall into place
for the entire universe
to collapse
and rebuild itself
to perfection?
And we will fall into each other
and explode into blazing atoms
of thankfulness and understanding
and the passion will be all that we know
as our minds forget the pain
and forgive everything else
I will consume you
and you will rip me apart
and we will break
of loneliness
and walk through the debris
on our bare feet
Because all we need is one moment
one look
one kiss
and everything
has ever built
will be mere rubble
compared to the nucleus
of Heaven
whose halves
have each been in our hearts
this whole time
waiting for this union
so that It might rise
and humble all that exists
to its knees

“Chocolate Truffles” by photographer Katia White