I’m going to be happy.
It’s funny
I’ve been living
alongside happiness
knowing what it is
and that it’s there
without ever becoming it.
It’s funny to think
I may just have been
to claim it
as my own
wondering if I deserve it
wondering if it’s the right time
when I could just
end the search
for happiness
that ultimate thing
and spend the rest of my life
being happy.

This is what I realized today:
I’m ready for this happiness.
I’m ready to be swept away by it
and stand inside it
and look around it
and wonder where it’s been my whole life
and wonder what’s next.

At the convenience store I saw a man
with a tattoo on his wrist
that said in black letters, “This too shall pass.”
I want a tattoo
covering my whole back
written in pink ink
saying, “Everything is beautiful
and nothing hurts.”