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I’m standing
on the edge of a cliff
with a fifty-foot drop
at my feet
and for truth to tell
I’ve been here before

…..all it takes
…..to find out
…..if I will fall
…..or I can fly
…..is to lose my footing
…..for a while
…..that defining moment
…..parallel to eternity

one jump
and nothing will be the same again
it will be
the end of my world
as I know it

…..it’s more exciting
…..than suicide,
…..I suppose,
…..it lasts longer at least
…..in the dark side
…..where shadows are big enough
…..to hide the scars
…..and guilt sits with you
…..you can choose to ignore it
…..the ride becomes worth it

such a risk
has always been forbidden
nobody really knows
if you’ll ever be forgiven
even if you succeed

impunity could be perdition

but I’ve caught a glimpse of the precipice
there’s no turning back
that time when it first
beckoned to me
I’ve long been done for

three years ago
I hesitated
I grabbed the hand
that offered itself
to pull me back
to safety

what neither of us knew
is I’d come running back
to this same spot
at the first opportunity

“Watching the Golden Hour” by photographer Carlos Lazarini