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They didn’t give us
insulating sleeves
as if they had known
my fingers were numb
from the cold

I wrapped both my hands
on the red paper cup
and savored the warmth
as a part of my resolution
to preserve the moment

you didn’t sit across from me
on the little round table
but beside me
our elbows touching
still it felt like
I couldn’t get you
close enough

we were just
marking time
we couldn’t call it
but we talked about
the first time we met

can you imagine
how things would have been
if you hadn’t come over
and asked for my name
if we hadn’t danced
if I hadn’t given you my number
a four-letter word
and ten digits
and we had just
gone on with our
separate agendas
that night,
this life?

then we wouldn’t be having
this coffee right now
you’d be here
with someone else
and I’d be
spending these minutes
some place different

how strange!

I couldn’t even
begin to see myself
but here