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all of you
the way you think
the words at the tip of your tongue
the tattoo on your left shoulder
and that cologne you wear
that drives me half crazy
all that
and whatever else
sticks of dynamite and hailstorms
and tropical islands
are burrowed in your soul
out of my sight
—are like water.

when I was younger
I practically drowned
in that water
I didn’t know
how to handle myself in it
that I splashed around
made a lot of mess
and got out of it
more dead than alive.

Now it’s so much better.
I’ve greatly improved
in navigating
the terrain of your presence
the landscape of your attention
and I can swim in the water
with only the slightest
of danger
and bathe in your conversation
and use every wave of it
to my advantage

and come out of it
dripping with the sweet remnants
of however short
or long
a time
you chose to spend
with me
and thankful
for the experience

Image by photographer Thien La