I’ve been loving you for so long
I suspect I’m going to love you
for the rest of my life

and I think I know
that before the end of this lifetime
we will find each other again
and get back the shot
at a life together
that we passed up long ago

This I can read
in the movement
of the stars in the sky
in the direction
of the winds that blow
in the way the shadows
lie across the ground
This is the secret revealed to me
by my having survived
all those brushes with death
and those illicit love affairs
with disaster
and those broken hearts
It’s what I learn
with every breath:

You and I
given enough time
will transcend everything
until the galaxies
end up with no choice
but to acknowledge
the immeasurable force
that binds us
to each other
and destines us
for all the chances it takes
to get right
the greatest love
the history of time
has ever known

untitled photo from image bookmarking site We Heart It