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I did it.
I finally told you
all of it.
It wasn’t that hard
just a one-time thing
like going for a shot
close your eyes
grit your teeth
it’s over
before you know it.

I know the script.
Thank you very much.

It was about time.
Too many glistening minutes
laid to waste
doodling on pages
(you don’t even read them)
and my life
has been calling me back
the pulsing city lights
and the yearning pavement
they need me,
you know.

It’s supposed
to bring me peace.
It will get here soon.
I can already feel
the heavy quiet
shushing my mind
of the din
of excitedly talking voices

I kinda wish
I had a little more time
to write about you

I already find
the ordinariness of the day
and the magic of my verses
is already losing its touch

but it’s an irreversible process,
I guess