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I’ve been thinking of you
so feverishly
these past few weeks
it’s crazy
all the colors of the morning
are tinged with the look in your eyes
the heat of the afternoons
is stained with the timbre of your voice
something about the way you move
is mixed up with the rain
and at night
all my dreams are of you
that I sometimes
stay up late
trying to avert it
but it’s no use

It’s like delirium
when your temperature is so high
you’re seeing things that aren’t there
and the days spill into one another
and you’re completely unaware

all the things
I can’t achieve with my hands
take on some form or other
and weave in and out
of my vision
like gossamer threads

I feel my soul convulse
my sense of reality corrupted
under this blanket of dazzling stars
and the confining vastness
of a van Gogh rendered sky

Untitled Image by photographer Jipps