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In my defense
I was defenseless on the day you came to me
I don’t really do that sort of thing anymore
I actually have
an otherwise infallible armor
of strength and intellect
soldered in achievement
over a hard layer of scars
that I wear like medals
rendering me impervious
to being sweet-talked into romance

I defy
any accusation of weakness
or not knowing any better
It was just a bad break
that you found me on a day
I had half the cold, brittle world on my shoulders
and was trekking the dusty road on my bare feet
and so eager to see a mirage
for respite
desperate to believe in something
and the trained arrow
of your manly words
pierced me
at my Achilles’ heel

If I bleed
I swear to you I didn’t ask for it

I will furnish proofs
and no jury will find me guilty
of emotional availability

I did no such thing as put myself in your path
I would have avoided you if I had known

But just give me some weeks
for this brutal unraveling to run its course
and it will heal
and turn into just another scar
one more medal in my repertoire
and I’ll only be unconquerable
all the more