You’ll only hear this from me now
because I’ve never really been
comfortable playing the role
of a damsel in distress
I’ve always been
too strong for my own good

But tonight
I want you to save me from myself

The truth is that I love you
and I want to snuff out all my candles
and tear up all the intricate boxes
I made with my bare hands
and dig a dark pit
to spill all my ink in
and just ask you in simple words
if I have any place in the world you inhabit

It’s been years since I
really needed anyone
If I succumb to gravity
it will pull me towards you
and make me let go of the stars
It terrorizes me
to the point of tears and trembling
worse than any dragon I’ve slain

You do not have to wrap me in your arms
or even tell me everything will be all right
there are no pieces of myself lying around
needing to be handed back to me in the right order
I do not await a knight in shining armor
I’m just seeking a safe harbor
All I ask of you
is to look at me and really see me

I will cease to exist
the moment you walk away