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It’s not denial
It’s not bargaining
It’s not anger, or depression,
or acceptance
Something cracked
an incongruously happy egg
on this brick wall with “breakup” painted in it
There’s optimistic goo
splattered all over it
dripping in globs
of positive energy

I’m glad I got you to taste
      all those loaves from Bread Talk
      all those Cello’s Doughnut flavors
      all those Brownies Unlimited
      all those Go Nuts cupcakes.
I’m glad we got to order
      food delivery
      from every restaurant in Metro Manila
      that delivers.
I’m glad we’ve gone
      to all malls in town.
I’m glad I got to bring you
      to all cities
      reachable by taxi,
      bus, and Metro Rail Transit.
I glad we got to raise a dog together.
I’m glad we got to have
      DVD marathons
      of all seasons
      of all TV shows
      that ever made it to household word status.

And to think we accomplished
all that
(and then some)
in the span
of a thirty-two-month-long relationship.

There’s no reason to regret
and every reason to congratulate
and each other
for a love well done.