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All we need is a little time
to figure out how good we are to each other
Time plays unpredictable tricks, but
in our case there’s nothing it can do
but shed light on
the fact that you love me and
the fact that I love you.

* * *

This morning I woke up falling
into the gaping hole
that opened when you told me yesterday,
we can’t be together

And I didn’t want to get out of bed
I couldn’t even leave the house
and face the world, but
I know you are mistaken
in thinking it is best this way, because
you’re all I need.

So I slipped into my best dress
and put on my widest smile
I opened the door boldly, and I
had breakfast at the café where you and I first met,
lunch at the Mexican restaurant where we had our first date,
and dinner at the shrimp place where we celebrated our first anniversary

this day is for you.

And if it’s time that time requires
—you promised to look for me
when all this smoke and haze
from the boiling cesspool
of your life’s responsibilities and expectations
have been cleared away—
then you know where to find me.
I’ll be here waiting for you
to step up to the plate
and say with certainty
you believe in you and me.
I won’t ask you to rush
because I can fill
any length of time
just reliving each memory
and I’ll still have enough love left over
on the day that you are truly ready
to be there for me.