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I didn’t get here by myself
You brought me here
and You are always right
because You know more than I do
what’s best for me
and more: what’s best for the world
that has me in it.

Getting here
through that long and arduous road
I shed all my egotistical vestments
and upon the last mile
stood stripped of pride
and simply acknowledged
I can do nothing without You.

And if in the end
I come to learn I don’t belong here
it will not be because
You created me a lesser being
than the rest of them
or deprived me of something I need.
Not getting what I want
is not punishment
any more than a nudge
to show me a different path,
to tell me I have more travelling to do,
to give me a way out
of something that wasn’t for me in the first place.

So if this is not
my real destination
and You have other plans
pray lead me by the hand
I am shortsighted
but You see far
You see all
and I owe you more
than I can ever give back.

Please bear with me
I may be a little impatient
but I’m always eager
to be an instrument.

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