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I’ve been loyal to you
like a friend
like a wife
I never asked you for anything
for six years
but you had me believing
you’d be there for me

You turned me down
on the one thing I ever asked
I asked for help
but I would have helped you too
I believed in myself
and what I had to offer
I believed I was good enough for you
I believed in you.

And now
every time I pass by your store
or your symbols
I feel nothing but repulsion
I feel betrayed all over again
I should have known
your welcoming smile
your glowing warmth
are just research precision packaging
of the products of this
greed-driven system.
You never loved me or needed me
though I loved and needed you.

The real tragedy is
I’ve been so true
am I supposed to
switch brand allegiances
I never want to drink
from your cup again.

I wrote the most eloquent of letters
I prayed the most ardent of prayers
I wept the most passionate tears!
But to the system
I’m nothing but
an honest artist
with no connections

I shouldn’t have hoped

I hate capitalism.
It never had a place
for someone like me.

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