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I never quite figured out
how they grouped us into classes
back then.
It could be
according to our science test scores,
it being a science high school and all.
Maybe that’s it.
Because now,
nine years after graduation
I hear of one whole senior year section
being in med school,
and another one
being lawyers and accountants.

I never said a word to you
in high school
I never had a chance
I never had a reason.

Funny how time works
here we are
successful professionals
in our own right
and I never even knew
someone like you
had existed
the same time I did
walking the same corridors
a decade ago.
They should have grouped us
according to
the cut of the shoes we liked to wear,
the kind of books we read,
the prevailing instruments playing
in the music we danced to,
the cities of the world
our cosmopolitan souls
wanted to shop in,
and we would have been
constant seatmates
daily lunch companions.

Funny how cyberspace works
how it can repair
what the past couldn’t do anything to
I’m glad I met you
I’m happy to be connected
and on odd mornings
I log on hoping to run into you
so we can share
the nuances
of our hustle-and-bustle life
and goad each other’s dreams.

We are
expensive plane tickets,
But we are kindred spirit
Our friendship is timely
in an ironic,
kind of way.

I propose a toast
to the concept of social networks
and its magical powers
for giving second chances.

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