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There aren’t that many ways
to burn time
when you’re done with what you’re supposed to do
(or so you think at least)
twenty-five minutes ahead of deadline
and you can’t leave your desk.
The man will come around
in twenty-five minutes
to check your work
then you can go home,
hold your breath
waiting for the call that either says,
“You’re hired!”
“Your accomplishments are impressive, but…”

But for the mean time
the clock is ticking
so slow it seems
while you look for ways to distract yourself
and you start to pray
for the life you’re dreaming of
the one that requires you to be employed
before it can come true
You look around
at the immaculate tables with the state-of-the-art computers
the wall-to-wall blue-green carpet
the floor-to-ceiling windows giving view of nothing but sky
and say under your breath,
“Lord, please let this be it this time.”

And as you hear approaching footsteps
giving you some last few seconds
to look inside yourself
bracing for what comes next
right before reality busts in through the door,
the last thing you hear yourself say
is “Still, let not my will be done, Lord,
but Yours.”

Image originally found through Masterfile,
by photographer Erin Ryan