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I’m city, you’re country
I’m urban, you’re island
But we are like
from different parents

For love of books and reading
for the shared passion
for the simple things in life
devouring knowledge
and picking the quaint ones
that we could pass on
to little kids
and young women,
looking at beautiful places
eating exotic meals
while the men in our
respective lives
get lost in their silence
and reggae music
no less.

We can fill
any number of hours
just talking
(whatever means are there),
discussing life
And when we have problems
the distance doesn’t matter
You and I are
women of words
and we’re there for each other
more than any friend
close enough to touch.

You’ve never been
into skyscrapers
and traffic,
but if you ever need an escape
my private space in a high rise
with the view of the Makati skyline
has a room with your name on it.
I rarely have money for travel
but I’m saving up
so that I can visit your Paradise
sleep in Kweba,
pet Maya the cat,
and eat at Old House
with its 20-book library.

From experience
I’ve learned it may be
to expect a friendship
to last until we’re old
so I’m writing this
to honor the now
in case it’s all we have

You don’t know
how much you’ve improved my world
just being in it
But I thank you.

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